Sunday, April 20, 2014

Warby Parker

I have been wanting to try the Home Try On from Warby Parker for a while now--basically since I saw College Prepster's posts for them here and here. One of my best friends did the Home Try On for sunglasses as well and it only made me want to try it more.

I really love the quirky but smart and preppy look. I mean look at her--isn't she just adorable! I love the glasses and the slacked easy going outfit. 

I want my glasses to become more of an accessory now than just something I need to wear to see with (especially since I wear contacts a lot of the time, usually when I wear glasses now it's because I want glasses "look").

So naturally, I ordered five pairs of glasses from Warby Parker to try on as soon as I could. 

The five pairs I ordered were Watts, Chandler, Lyle, Walker and Percey. 

It's all a bit overwhelming to choose a pair so I wanted to make a post and hopefully get some opinions on which pair I should choose!

So without further ado, here are the options!





Please help me decide! 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Snapshots this Week

1 || Neil deGrasse Tyson at Georgia Tech. Literally the best talk I've attended. It was so refreshing to be in a theater full of scientific minds being spoken to by one of the most well known scientific minds of the day. I also didn't expect to laugh as much as I did. I got an autograph and picture with him at the end of the night as well! 

2 || Graduation Countdown. This past week we hit the month mark until graduation. How scary! A little less than a month and I will never have to go back to school ever again! (unless I suddenly decide I should go to grad school later on in life)

3 || Tech's 'T' is still missing. They may have found the T but they still haven't put it back up on the tower. So we get to still see the coolness that is the missing T. Apparently, though, the student responsible stole it off the wrong tower.

4 || Favorite Photo of the Week. Yes it's a selfie, but I just loved how my outfit and look of the day came across in this photo. I think it perfectly showcases how I felt wearing white capris and the top I bought over Spring Break. Also red lipstick makes anyone feel fierce.

5 || These Girls. The fact that we are still friends after having graduated high school four years ago is insane to me. I love these girls so much and I don't know what I would do without them. We got together last night for our biannual party and I think this time our costumes were on point for the "Ruin your childhood" theme.

Traveling to Washington, D.C.

After all the craziness that ensued after Spring Break, I finally have a breather to post about my Spring Break!

Contrary to what all my peers did in the search for some heat and sunlight, I traveled north for my break. I wound up visiting two states (Pennsylvania and Maryland) and getting the chance to visit D.C.--the perks of the north!

I visited D.C. the first time in 2001 and I was 7 years old. I didn't fully grasp the idea of the Capitol and I didn't understand a lot of the historical significance of the city--I mean c'mon I was 7!

This time Daniel and I tried to hit every spot I visited before along with a few extras like museums and such. There was so much to do, we still didn't have time to do everything!

Here's some of the best photos from our trip! We wound up taking a lot of selfies because neither one of us wanted to ask a stranger to take a picture of us together.

 Beautiful metal tree in a sculpture garden right outside of the Archives Metro station.

We rode the Metro all over D.C. because we got a day pass. It was a great decision because it saved us a lot of walking!

Silly little narwhal sculpture inside one of the Smithsonian museums. 

The Capitol Building was gorgeous from this vantage point. 

White House Selfie! 

While Daniel was at work all week I binged watched Bob's Burgers so we had to get Five Guys for lunch. 

Air and Space Museum! So many exhibits. We wound up not finishing them all. Also look, alchemical symbols!

Lots of selfies with me making weird faces, mostly because I knew I was bothering him by wanting to take them. The top photo and bottom left are of us walking by the reflecting pool which was closed. So unfortunate.

 Lincoln Memorial--There are so many steps up to this memorial that I had forgotten about. There were also people everywhere! It was so packed.

Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool--both of which were sadly under construction. The monument was being worked on the last time I was in D.C., so it's almost like it's never been fully fixed!

We visited Einstein's Memorial because we are nerds. We also new the equations listed on his workbook. Yay science!

When the day of D.C. was finally over, I ate dinner with Daniel's family at this amazing pasta place in Maryland. And the next day was my flight back home. Below is a picture of what Atlanta looked like flying into Hartsfield-Jackson.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Some rest and relaxation

I'm sorry for going MIA for so long, school just started hammering down on me with assignments and tests. Thank goodness for Spring Break this week!

While most people wound up going south for the break to beaches, I wound up north, in Pennsylvania to visit with Daniel. It actually snowed yesterday!

I can't escape the cold!
I haven't gotten to see a whole lot of the town yet--I'm thinking about going adventuring when he's at work one day--but from what I have seen Lancaster is a beautiful town. It's right on the cusp of Amish country and actually when driving in on Saturday, Daniel and I saw two horse and buggies driving up the side of the road.

We also drove through some cool tunnels.
Downtown and the surrounding areas are full of town houses and shops that step out basically on to the street. It's got a lot of the "northern city" flair that I loved when visiting Rhode Island last October. I'm hoping to get out and take some pictures to share a bit more of this beautiful place, but so far I've mostly been catching up on sleep while Daniel is away at work.

Over the weekend before Daniel started work we finally tried the wine Educated Guess together, which if you know me, you know it's been on my list of wines to try for a while.

Just look at how cool that bottle is. SCIENCE!
We also have been eating wonderful food together, as per usual when we see each other.
Sushi Buffet where I discovered you cannot eat too much sushi.
I'll be sure to post more this week because of my free time!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Snapshots This Week

I am alive! I'm so sorry to not have updated in a bit, but school has just been absolutely crazy because of the second set of snow days we had. While it was really awesome and I love snow, it totally messed up my whole school schedule. So here's a few snapshots from my life since I've been gone. 

1 || My Valentine. This happens to be the card I sent Daniel, but because he felt the need to try to one up my card giving abilities, Daniel also gave me this card for my Valentine's Day surprise. Needless to say I picked out the perfect Valentine for my perfect Valentine. 

2 || Monday Night Brewing. I am starting to be a beer lover--it's definitely an acquired taste for me. One thing that helps is places like Monday Night that have beautifully crafted beers. It also helps that I get to drink with my wonderful brothers.

   3 || Say Something. I can't stop listening to this song. Definitely on repeat on my Spotify playlist. 

4 || The Book of Mormon at the Fox Theatre. For the past 3 years in college I've been apart of GT's living learning program--ThinkBig. This year I'm a part of the Center Stage group so we went to see The Book of Mormon on its tour. It was absolutely amazing and super funny. I definitely want to get the chance to see it again!

5 || Friends. After one of the most hellish weeks I've had in a while, I realized how lucky I am to have so many wonderful people in my life. There's no way I would make it out of Tech alive without my friends to help me through it. I'm so thankful for all of you. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

UberXtra Credit

UberX is one of the coolest (and cheapest!) ways to travel in Atlanta. Forget worn out taxi cabs and creepy taxi drivers--UberX is is comfortable and easy to use. It's the absolute perfect ride for college students to use on a night on the town.

The especially wonderful thing about UberX is that it can be 'called' to you from an iPhone application! No more awkward conversations about how to get to where you are, the GPS in your phone helps the driver find you.

The greatest thing of all is right now UberX is having a great promotion that allows all Georgia Tech students new to Uber get a free $20 towards a ride if they sign up using this link:

That means you can travel out on the town with a ride on them!

Another plus of signing up, or getting you friends to sign up with you, is that if GT reaches 1,500 users before February 11th at 11:59 pm the entire campus wins a week of free UberX! #uberXtracredit

Let's get campus a week of free UberX! I know it'll come in helpful on all those nights the Stingerette is "currently experiencing an unusually high number of trip requests" and you need a safe ride home.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Snapshots This Week

1 || Snowpocalypse 2014, Hothlanta, Snow Jam '14. I lived through it and I survived it. I can't believe how unprepared Atlanta, my city, was for this event. Poor planning on our government's part. I'm just so lucky that I live on campus and could just enjoy the snow for its beauty.

2 || Favorite Picture of the Week. I made this sandwich on a whim during a snow day because it was a summation of what I had in my apartment--Nutella, crunchy peanut butter and a banana I stole from the dining hall. *shh* The lighting from the snow outside my window reflecting sunlight just made it look like the most scrumptious sammich ever.

3 || Stuck in Love. Such a good movie. I watched it on a recommendation from a friend and I was absolutely blown away. I'm adding it to the list of movies that perfectly represent the genre I love.

4 || Valentine's Greeting Cards from Papyrus. If you know me, you know I loooove a good greeting card. I seriously could blow a whole lot of money on greeting cards and stationary for people. That being said, Papyrus has some of the best Valentine's Day cards I've seen this year. They got a little saucy with it and it is actually perfect. I found the best one for Daniel.

5 || Noosa Yoghurt. This is my guilty pleasure of yogurts. I fell in love with it from a free sample that was offered on campus one day. It's a bit expensive so I only limit myself to two containers, but you get so much and its so healthy for you!